Our prices for the standard sessions are below. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and can tailor a session to your needs!

Please contact our Office Manager to discuss your requirements.

​*Prices correct as of September 2018.


Babies and Toddlers

0-1 yrs / 1-2 yrs

2-3 yrsPre-School (3-5 yrs)


Full day8.00-6.00pm£54.00 / £55.50£53.00£51.50
Morning9.00-1.00pm£30.00 / £31.50£29.00£28.00
Afternoon1.30-5.30pm£30.00 / £31.50£29.00£28.00
School day9.00-3.00pm£46.50 / £47.50£46.00£45.00
Hourly rate £8.50 / £8.50£8.20


*  *  Nominal charges apply for meals on fully funded places *  *  


Invoices are generated towards the end of the month for the following month. Balance to be paid by the 10th of the month (in advance).

We require 4 weeks notice if your child is leaving for whatever reason.

withdrawal of child required. No concessions are made for children off sick or on holiday.

If your account falls into arrears we reserve the right to withdraw the provision of childcare until the account is brought up to date and there will be no guarantee a space will be available for a return. We may also charge a late payment fee  and / or instruct an agency to recover any debt owed which may affect your credit rating.  Any questions please speak to our Office Manager.